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corrigé – our service offer

When you decide to change something on your body, we are by your side as a partner. We offer you a wide range of services as well as the highest level of empathy and professionalism. At corrigé, we are specialized in both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Be yourself

At corrigé we consider your body as a whole and help you to achieve a natural surgical result. So that you can better find yourself in your body again.

The symbol of sensuality

The breast is the quintessential part of feminity and sensuality. Sometimes the proportions are not right. With different techniques we achieve a harmonious overall picture. Time or pregnancies leave their traces too. If the size, shape and firmness of the breast are optimally adjusted to the person, the body regains its harmony. At corrigé, we take care to preserve the functions of the breast such as hte ability to breastfeed or sensitivity.

  • Breast augmentation with silicone implant
  • Breast augmentation with your own fat
  • Lifting of the breast (mastopexy)
  • Breast reduction
  • Correction of the breast shape (asymmetric breasts)
  • Combination of differerent procedures


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The mirror of the soul

Every face is unique and shaped by individual life stories. The face refelects our personality and gives us expression. A brilliant gaze and firm skin give us a fresh and healthy look. However, the skin is not only subject to a natural ageing process, but it is also strongly exposed to external influences. Sun exposure accelerate the formation of wrinkles, the skin loses its elasticity. Fine corrections can visibly refresh and rejuvenate the face and preserve its natural authenticity.

The centre of our face is the nose. Be it with a hump, broad, droopy or fine - each nose is unique. But there is one thing it should always do: fit perfectly to your face. Sometimes the overall picture is not coherent or the proportions are not harmonious. A gentle correction often makes a big difference and brings harmony to the face. If required, corrections of nasal breathing are carried out in close cooperation with an ENT specialist.

At corrigé, we pay attention to maintaining or restoring the unique natural look of your face. Our services include:

  • Injections, skin and wrinkle treatments (filler, botox, prp, microneedeling)
  • Eyelid: upper and lower blepharoplasty
  • Brow lifting
  • Nose: rhinoplasty, with or without nasal breathing improvement; tip only)
  • Ear: otoplasty for prominent ears, corrections of the form or lobe only, also for children
  • Lip lifting
  • Facelifting, Necklifting
  • Correction of double chin
  • Combination of differerent procedures


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More than a shell

In many cases, the body tends to accumulate fatty tissue in centralised zones. Healthy diet and sports alone, often do not help. These fat accumulations can be removed by liposuction and the body image can be harmonized. The most common accumulations of fatty tissue are in the abdomen and thigh region.

Important weigh loss or pregnancies may leave their races, especially in the abdominal region. If there is skin excess, a tummy tuck can remove it and correct the silhouette of the belly.

  • Female breast with a man (gynecomastia)
  • Arm lifting (brachioplasty)
  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
  • Thigh lift (cruroplasty)
  • Liposuction
  • Combination of differerent procedures

Back in balance

Various diseases as well as congenital malformations or accidents cause asymmetry of the body, resulting on the body not being harmonious. This often means a great sufferance for the patient. At corrigé, we help you to restore your individual balance.

The symbol of sensuality

If diseases such as breast cancer change the shape of the breast or cause breast loss, plastic surgery offers different techniques to restore the breast. The loss of her own breast usually represents a strong psychological burden for the affected women. Often the feeling for her own femininity suffers from the change. The treatment requires a lot of empathy and sensitivity. In addition to a disease, malformations of the breast can also be congenital. The core team at the certified St. Anna Breast Center work together as qualified multidisciplinary specialists, delivering you the best possible treatment.

Depending on the degree of asymmetry, we perform a shape correction or total reconstruction of missing tissue at corrigé. There are various treatment options:


  • Congenital malformation of the breast (tuberous breast; Poland syndrome)
    • Breast correction with silicone implant
    • Breast correction with your own fat
  • Breast shape correction after cancer treatments
  • Total breast reconstructions after cancer
    • Breast reconstruction with silicone implant
    • Breast reconstruction with autologous tissue (from the back, belly (DIEP) or thigh)
    • Breast reconstruction of the nipple and areola
  • combination of differerent procedures


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The mirror of the soul

corrigé luzern is specialised in reconstructive facial surgery as well as aesthetic surgery. Not only congenital malformations, but also diseases or an accident can cause a deformation of the face.

After skin cancer, we support you in both tissue removal and reconstruction using various techniques. We are also specialized in neurofibromatosis, also called Recklinghausen's disease.

Our range of services also includes reconstructions in the ENT area such as oral cavity or pharynx. In these cases we work together with selected specialists, offering you the highest level of professionalism, even for demanding procedures.

More than a shell

Surgery or injuries of the skin lead to scars. Our range of services includes scar corrections and wound treatment using various techniques. We are happy to inform and advise you of the beast treatment for your needs.

  • Treatment of complex wounds
  • Scar corrections, scar treatments
  • Burn scars